Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Medical students stand out at national congresses

Students from the Applied Anatomy - Radiological Monitoring and the Radiology Study Group presented works at the 52nd CBR and the 61st COBEM.


Medical students at Bahiana were highlighted at the 52nd Brazilian Congress of Radiology, which took place on the 13th and 14th of October, in Rio de Janeiro, and at the 61st Congress of Medical Education (COBEM), which took place from the 5th to the 8th of October, in Fortaleza.

The students, participants in the Applied Anatomy - Radiological Monitoring and the Radiology Study Group (GE-RAD), coordinated by professor Carolina Lins, presented seven works at the Brazilian Congress of Radiology. Of these, five works that had initially been submitted as a digital panel were considered so good by the evaluators that they were upgraded to oral presentation, with particular emphasis on the work “'ANATORADIOLOGIC' – Systematization Model of Radiological Interpretation in Medical Undergraduate Studies”, developed by the academic Aylla Batista Moreira Teixeira and professor Carolina Freitas Lins, who won first place in the Radiology Education category. The group also had an active participation in COBEM with the presentation of eight works.

“I believe that success comes from the love we have for Bahiana, Education, Radiological Anatomy and Radiology. This love makes us want to always learn more, sharing it with other colleagues, resulting in the multiplication of knowledge through presentations at conferences or scientific articles”, declared Prof. Carolina Lins. According to the professor, students from the Monitoring of Applied Radiological Anatomy and the Radiology Study Group jump headlong into all the projects designed. “They are very dedicated, interested and proactive. We also have the habit of celebrating all results (from the smallest to the largest), as each of them can generate new learning, pushing us towards other challenges. Finally, I need to praise the families of all the students involved who contribute in every way, especially in affection, financially and in vibrancy with all the achievements achieved”, points out the teacher.