Seals and Certifications

Seals and Certifications

Iso Medicine (1)

ISO 9001 – Medicine Course
Internationally recognized certification, which corresponds to a group of technical standards in force in about 189 countries. ISO 9001 is a management system with the aim of guaranteeing the optimization of processes, promoting management excellence.

Five Star Seal Mec

Maximum Grade – MEC
The maximum grade established by the Ministry of Education (MEC) is the excellence score that a course or an institution achieves when it follows all the criteria established by the body.

MEC grades range from 1 to 5, and the closer to grade 5, the better the course or institution evaluated.

Social Responsibility SealBahiana Social Responsibility 2021 2022Social Responsibility 2020 2021 (2)Social Responsibility 2019 2020Social Responsibility 2017 2018Social Responsibility 2016 2017Social Responsibility 2014 2015Social Responsibility 2013 2014Social Responsibility 2012 2013                  

Social Responsibility – ABMES
The Socially Responsible Institution Seal, awarded by the Brazilian Association of Higher Education Maintainers (ABMES), recognizes higher education institutions that develop initiatives committed to the social well-being of the community in which they operate.

Horizontal Seal Diversity 1

Seal of Ethnic-Racial Diversity
Bahiana received the Seal of Ethnic-Racial Diversity from the Reparation Secretariat of the Municipality of Salvador, in the Commitment category, assuming the Diversity Appreciation Pact and complying with the guidelines aimed at combating racism and racial discrimination in corporate environments.


 Gptw Seal 2023 Best Company 90x90px 251023 01  Banner Gptw Bahia 2023 Bahiana  Seal 2022 Brazil For Women 90px Stamp 2022 Brazil For Lgbtq 90px Stamp 2022 Brazil For 50 90px Stamps Brazil 2022 90x90px 02 Seal Gptw 2022 Bahia 01 
 GPTW 2021 Brazil Seal  2021 Women Seal 2021 Bahia seal Selos 2020 Women Seal 2020 Bahia seal 2019 Brazil Seal             

  2018 Brazil Seal 2018 Bahia seal 2017 Brazil Seal
2017 Bahia seal 2016 Brazil Seal2016 Bahia seal
2015 Bahia seal 2014 Bahia seal 2013 Bahia seal

Great Place to Work – GPTW
The Great Place to Work award lists a ranking of the best companies to work for. The recognition is precisely established by the employees themselves, who voluntarily participate in a survey that analyzes different criteria that define excellent work environments.