Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Bahiana is awarded for scientific productions at an international congress

Medical students Camila Verônica Freire and Maria Eduarda de Siervi represented the institution.


Bahiana, represented by the medical students Camila Verônica Souza Freire and Maria Eduarda Barreto de Siervi, was awarded for her scientific productions at the European Congress of Radiology 2021 (ECR - 2021). The event took place between the 3rd and 7th of March, online, through the Zoom platform. THE Bahiana participated in the meeting for the fourth time, through the Monitoring of Introduction to Operative Technique (MITO). Annually, the congress is held in Vienna, Austria.

The students won awards in the Rising Stars category, for the works submitted with the support of MITO. The research entitled "Can we stimulate medical students' evidence-based and cost-effective diagnostic reasoning in Radiology? Impact of a Choosing Wisely approach" had the abstract written by Camila Freire (first author), Gabriela Fagundes Saffe, Maria Eduarda Barreto de Siervi and Maria Eduarda Rodrigues de Araújo Dantas de Pinho, under the guidance of Prof.ª and Dr. Carolina Freitas Lins. The study “How can Branching Scenario tool transform and improve radiology education? The cross-sectional study" had student Maria Eduarda Barreto de Siervi as the first author of the abstract. 

In all, 13 works were submitted. Of these, only 32 were selected for the event. In addition Bahiana made the list of the 6 best student abstracts of the congress and, therefore, Camila Freire, responsible for preparing the abstract of one of the surveys, can participate in the congress, live, on March 6, to present the study. “The works had everything to do with Evidence-Based Medicine and Choosing Wisely in the teaching of Radiology”, explains Camila Freire, noting that the institution has a fundamental role in valuing these themes, in particular, evidence-based medicine, and that , thanks to this stimulus, it was possible to develop critical thinking and the necessary motivation to prepare the projects.

the student of Bahiana he also reported that the projects emphasized the importance of science in medicine as a guide for clinical reasoning. "The focus of the studies is on making wiser decisions, which improve the quality of medical care through scientific evidence, preventing harm to the health of patients and the health system." Camila Freire pointed out that it was extremely gratifying to contribute to scientific knowledge with such a pertinent topic, “mainly because we are in a political context that disregards data and evidence, which, unfortunately, harms many people”.