Bahiana receives Green Energy Certificate

Institution adopts consumption from the free energy market, energy sources with low environmental impact.


A Bahiana has just received the Green Energy Certificate granted by the Neoenergia Group, as it began to consume from sources with low environmental impact (solar energy, wind, biomass and low-impact hydroelectric plants), that is, it stopped purchasing from the captive market and started consuming of the free energy market.

To enter the free energy market, the Bahiana needed to carry out minor adaptations, such as adjustments to campus substations Brotas and Cabula. The institution was able to enter this market because it had a contracted demand of around 800KW, uniting the two campuses. Entering the free energy market brought some benefits, in addition to the low environmental impact, such as an economic estimate of R$1,5 million over 5 years.

In addition to promoting financial savings with expenses in this sector, the measure integrates a series of actions aimed at institutional sustainability and promoting environmental preservation, with the adoption of collaborative policies, such as the composting carried out at the Cabula Campus and the campaign "Adopt your cup", in which students, teachers and employees were encouraged to use reusable bottles, cups and mugs, avoiding waste with disposable plastic cups.