Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

HTLV/Neurosciences Outpatient Clinic Bahiana is present at the XVI International Symposium on HTLV in Brazil

The event brought together researchers from different countries.


A Bahiana was represented by the HTLV/Neurosciences Outpatient Clinic at the XVI International Symposium on HTLV in Brazil, which took place from October 25th to 27th, in João Pessoa. With the theme "Comprehensive care for people living with HTLV (PLWH) in Brazil and around the world", the Symposium brought together researchers from different countries, health professionals, students and citizens living with HTLV.

During the event, Dr. Bernardo Galvão Castro Filho, coordinator of the Neuroscience Center and HTLV outpatient clinic and member of the Symposium's Scientific Committee, held the Conference "Current Situation of HTLV in Bahia", in which he presented the research "Epidemiological And Molecular 1 Evidence Of Intrafamilial Transmission Through Sexual And Vertical Routes In Bahia, The State With The Highest Prevalence Of HTLV In Brazil". The researcher and professor at Bahiana He was also honored with the award named after him, for the best Banner presented at the Symposium.

They were part of the delegation of Bahiana Prof. Dr. Maria Fernanda Rios Grassi, professor of the Master of Medicine and Human Health and president of the symposium's scientific committee; the teachers at the HTLV outpatient clinic Dr. Ana Verena Galvão, psychologist who presented the theme “Psychological Approach Associated with Infection during Pregnancy”, Aidê Nunes da Silva, nurse, who presented the Health Mentors Program: Teaching Technology, Participatory and Interprofessional Extension at Bahiana, professor Cristiane Dias, physiotherapist and researcher who presented two posters and Psychology academics Caíque Souza Menezes, Beatriz Prates Ferreira, Beatriz Nascimento Lino, Ivam Heng Ma do Bonfim, Jonathan Lucas Martins and Yuri Henrique Rocha Reis who also gave oral presentations and posters.

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