Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Bahiana welcomes elementary school students from CEPECV

The activity was part of the program of the 20th National Science and Technology Week (SNCT).


With the aim of motivating the interest of elementary school students in scientific research and knowledge, the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, in partnership with the Colégio Estadual Professora Elisabeth Chaves Veloso (CEPECV), carried out, on October 30th, November 7th and 14th, at the Cabula Campus, the project "Secretory structures in vegetables – where the active principles that make us good or bad? How do dispersing agents contribute to the distribution of these active ingredients in the environment?" In both meetings, teachers and students from the Biomedicine course received around 180 students from the 7th year of Elementary School at CEPECV for a field activity.

Conceived and coordinated by professor Léa Ferreira, with the participation of professors Gabriel Queiroz, Sidney Santana and Arthur Lima, the project was awarded by FAPESB, as part of the 20th National Science and Technology Week (SNCT) which, this year, had as its theme the "Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development" and began on October 16th. "Today, we are bringing students precisely to popularize science, that is, we are going to really show how environmental balance works", explains professor Léa Ferreira.

"I didn't like Science until the 7th year, but when I started learning more about the biomes, I started to like it more. When I came here and saw the laboratory, I thought everything was incredible, so I said: 'I don't want to leave here!' '", reports Emilie Santana, student at CEPECV. According to Prof. Léa Ferreira, the students belong to a community neighboring the Bahiana, which allows us to perceive the existence of a specific microclimate, thanks to a remaining area of ​​Atlantic Forest. “The idea is that the Bahiana show them how to value the environment where they live and also teach them to live with their routine, that is, with the animals and plants that they can see", explains the teacher.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública