Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

State decree that benefits the scientific sector is published in the Official Gazette

Regulations regulate Law No. 14.315, of June 17, 2021.


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The governor of the State of Bahia, Jerônimo Rodrigues, signed, on October 16th, at the opening of the National Science and Technology Week, Decree No. 22.327/2023, which regulates the Legal Framework, Law No. 14.315, of 17 of June 2021, which provides for incentives for scientific development, research, scientific and technological training and innovation in the productive system in the State of Bahia. The regulations were published this Tuesday (31), in the Official State Gazette.

“All states that want to promote science and technology need to organize public policy and the platform that strengthens research and innovation. Here, in Bahia, we already have a law approved by the Legislative Assembly and, today, I decreed its regulation”, declared the governor, at the time. For the dean of Research, Innovation and Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Atson Fernandes, one of the main benefits for the State's scientific-technological development will be the flexibility in accountability and expansion of national and international partnerships. "Another thing that could benefit us is the expansion of State Government notices, which will possibly increase our competition and capture capacity", adds Dr. Atson.

The legal device organizes the system so that society, researchers, teachers, universities, schools, research bodies and the market can access investments to register patents, develop research, new scenarios, among other possibilities.