Medical students win awards at the 78th Brazilian Cardiology Congress

Works are part of the RESCA research group.


Students Marllus Santos and João Lucas Campos had their academic work awarded at the 78th Brazilian Congress of Cardiology, which took place from September 28th to 30th, in Rio Grande do Sul. The Medicine students are part of the Medical Records Research Group. Acute Coronary Syndromes (RESCA).

The works “Does Intolerance to Uncertainty Cause Overuse in Cardiology?”, by Marllus Santos, and “The Interference of the Similarity Heuristic in Clinical Reasoning”, authored by João Lucas Campos, took 3rd place in the event's awards.

“I believe it is a source of satisfaction for all of us, as School Bahiana, to have our house recognized nationally”, declared the coordinator of RESCA and professor of the Medicine course and the Postgraduate Program in Medicine and Human Health at Bahiana, Dr. Luís Cláudio Correia.