X Extension Exhibition highlights popular education

The event also promoted an Art and Solidarity Economy Fair.


With the participation of teachers from other institutions, representatives of social movements and the community, which experienced health promotion actions, the programming of the X Extension Exhibition, which was part of the XXIII Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana, also had several tents that promoted sports and leisure activities; storytelling; musical performances; soiree; graffiti; recreation and self-care. A Bahiana invited children and teenagers from public schools; elderly people from the Cabula Beiru health districts and young apprentices from the institution.

An Art and Solidarity Economy Fair also took place during the Exhibition, with stands selling clothes, handicrafts and food produced by the Landless Rural Workers Movement. The Central Citizenship Institute (ICC), an organization from Pernambués, took books, art and sweets to the Fair. At ICC, professor Júlia Tupinambá carries out the Mopiatã project, which promotes care actions for mothers in that neighborhood. In ancient Tupi, his mother tongue, Mopiatã means “to strengthen”. The project arose from voluntary actions based on their own experiences. “As an indigenous, peripheral woman and mother, I know how much society limits us and I wanted to bring other perspectives to more women.”

The extension practice of popular health education involves the participation of medical and psychology students, and the idea is that, in 2024, it will be expanded to other courses. “It has been a fantastic exchange, not limited to formal education, but which places care as something ancestral, a power of the collective and a construction of everyone”.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública