Bahiana climbs 8 positions and takes 11th place in the 27th edition of the GPTW 150 Best Companies to Work for in Brazil ranking

The awards ceremony took place on October 16th, in São Paulo.


Photo Telma With Gptw Award Bahiana 2Honored for five consecutive editions with the award for Best Company to Work for in Bahia, Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública reached 11th place in the GPTW 150 Best Companies to Work for in Brazil ranking. In 2022, the institution had reached 19th position. The award ceremony took place last Monday night (16/10), at Espaço Unimed, in São Paulo. The institution was represented by the manager of the Strategic Management of People and Learning (GEPAP), Telma Bastos.

According to Bastos, the research carried out by the Great Place to Work institute has been an important instrument for adjustments and alignments of the company's organizational culture. Bahiana that is people-centered. “Growing up in the ranking, being 11th on the national stage, is the result of the consistency of our actions and policies that converge with our values ​​and purposes. This coherence generates trust and respect. Not everything within any organization flows 100%”, says the GEPAP manager. She explains that, in this environment, anything that is not good can be worked on more quickly and transformed when identified. “Having an open channel to actually deal with the deviations that arise along the way is crucial to keeping the culture aligned with our values ​​and purposes”, she confirms.

According to Telma Bastos, the policies instituted by Bahiana are designed to promote development, health, well-being and psychological safety in the institution's environment. “Our employees are partners in this construction when they bring us opportunities for honest and true improvements, special needs, among other movements that enable this 'doing together'”.

Among the strengths that lead to Bahiana Continuing growth at GPTW is the policy of training and training people, which makes career growth possible. “We have around 60% internal utilization of the vacancies made available by the institution. Another crucial policy is that of benefits, which brings a series of flexibilities that support our support for the family – expansion of maternity/paternity leaves, among others, reduction of working hours for mothers who have children up to 1 year of age, freeing up hours in the month for medical monitoring of minor children and elderly parents, financial guidance, among other benefits that allow the necessary support for our employees at times when they need it most”, says Telma Bastos. This year, the Bahiana implemented the DE&I committee and is in the process of updating the census and forming affinity groups to work with minority groups in order to further ensure a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment. “We encourage our employees to be protagonists of the environment of excellence, respect, cordiality, solidarity and safety that are the foundations of our service”, concludes the GEPAP manager.

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