Monitoring 2023.2: open enrollment

Entries can be made until May 14.


Enrollment for the selection process of Monitoring 2023.2 is open.

Access Application form of the Training Selection Process for Monitoring.

Biomedicine course monitors 2023.2
Molecular and Cell Biology
Metabolic Biochemistry
Biomorphofunctional I
Biomorphofunctional II
Structural Chemistry and Biochemistry

Monitors of the Physical Education course 2023.2
Biomorphofunctional I
Biomorphofunctional II
Study of Human Movement
Exercise physiology
Recreation and Leisure
Tests, Measurements and Assessment in Physical Education and Sports

Monitors of the Nursing Course 2023.2
Elderly Health Practices

Monitors of the Physiotherapy Course 2023.2
Electrophysical Agents
Biomorphofunctional I
Biomorphofunctional II
Supervised Internship in Physiotherapy I
Physiotherapeutic Practice in Pain Clinic

Monitoring of the Medicine course 2023.2
Applied Anatomy - Radiological
Biofunction I
Biofunction II - Semiological Basis
Biomorphofunctional I and II - Macroscopic Fundamentals
Biomorphofunctional I and II, Microscopic Fundamentals Module - BMC/Physiology
Biomorphofunctional I and II - Microscopic Fundamentals, Tissue Aspects (Histology)
Biomorphofunctional II - Macroscopic Fundamentals - Neuroanatomy
Integrated Clinic I
Surgical Skills I

Surgical Skills II
Instrumental Methodology – Intercourse Morphofunctional Sciences Group (GCMi)
First aid

Assistantships of the Dentistry course 2023.2 
Biomorphofunctional I
Biomorphofunctional II
Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology
Children's Clinic I
Children's Clinic II
Children's Clinic III
Special Dentistry Clinic
Oral Rehabilitation Clinic I
Oral Rehabilitation Clinic II
Oral Rehabilitation Clinic III
Adolescent Clinic
Integrated Clinic I
Integrated Clinic II

Outpatient Supervised Internship I
Outpatient Supervised Internship II
Stomatology I
Stomatology II

Stomatology III
Fundamentals of Oral Rehabilitation I
Fundamentals of Oral Rehabilitation II
Fundamentals of Oral Rehabilitation III
Health Illness Process I
Process Health Illness II
Process Health Illness III

Monitors of the Psychology course 2023.1
Measures in Psychology
Neurosciences Applied to Psychology I
Neurosciences Applied to Psychology III