IX CAJU Forum discusses the strength of action in communities

The meeting was broadcast openly on YouTube by Bahiana.


The words of the psychology student at Bahiana Isadora Pires and Prof. Me Fábio Giorgio Santos Azevedo marked the opening moment of the IX Forum of the Youth Attention Center (CAJU) which took place on the morning of October 7th with broadcast open to the public on the channel of Bahiana No. Youtube. The theme of the meeting was “Aquilombar youths!” “The theme brings this sense of community. Regardless of what happens with the elections, what matters is this experience of coming together, of getting together, because it transforms us and that is the experience of political action", declared Fábio Giorgio.

The first speech was by the journalist and author of the book “The erasing of ancestry – or on which side you samba” Marcos Elder Piaeté Tupinambá who addressed the theme "The Amerindian cosmovision about youth", mediated by psychology student Ana Luiza Letieres.

The table "Stories that cross, collectives that resist", mediated by the psychology student at Bahiana Nábile Carvalho, with the participation of UFBA law student Franciele dos Santos Silva; graduate student in Medicine Bahiana Nicolas de Oliveira Ponso and the manager of the Oyá Institute Ivanildo Romualdo dos Santos Júnior. The program was completed by psychology student Rodrigo Mendonça de Faria, who recited a poem and invited those present to participate in a movement in defense of democracy, launched spontaneously and voluntarily by students of the Psychology course at Bahiana.