Institutional partnerships promote academic exchange for students and faculty at Bahiana

Initiative promotes the exchange of scientific and cultural knowledge with a view to enriching professional training.


The Center for Institutional Relations and Internationalization of Bahiana (REAI) has been promoting a series of actions aimed at the exchange of knowledge between professors and students of the institution and other educational and research entities in other countries. Among these initiatives is the academic exchange, carried out through partnerships with higher education institutions.

Milena PortugalThe student of the Psychology course at Bahiana Milena Oitaven Osterne is currently residing in Portugal, where she participates in the academic exchange program at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto. She highlights as the main gains from the experience the possibility of knowing and experiencing another culture. "Getting to know another culture and another way of investigating and working in psychology has always aroused my curiosity and I was very happy when the opportunity to exchange and in such a prestigious college came up. a chance to enrich and complement my curriculum", he declares. She says that the Portuguese university offers many opportunities to study different topics in research groups, mini-internships, workshops, among other actions. "In addition, I cannot fail to mention the personal growth of experiencing an exchange, the chance to develop skills, such as social skills, and the opportunity to get to know Porto, being a welcoming city, with many university students of different nationalities, and easily passable . Upon returning, I hope to be able to share the knowledge acquired and add it to my professional role as a psychologist".

2 Assembly PortugalThe exchange provided by REAI is not limited to undergraduate academics. Daniela Costa Moraes is a professor of the Dentistry course and a doctoral student at the Medicine and Human Health Program at Bahiana. She is currently studying some subjects of the doctoral program in Public Health at the University of Porto (Portugal). "The experience has been very rich and challenging, after all, I'm taking classes in English, which favors the improvement of the language, and I'm getting in touch with new content, which allows me to acquire new knowledge, and that will probably to help expand my role as a teacher in the Bahiana".

Other students are also participating in programs at universities in Canada. To learn more about the academic exchange at Bahiana, check out here.