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Students from Bahiana

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Have you thought about studying a few months of the academic year in a mobility program to another country?

This is an extraordinary experience for developing global skills and expanding your network of contacts, both social and professional. It includes:

  • opportunity to get to know different teaching-learning environments;
  • acquisition of skills in another language;
  • cultural immersion in the everyday life of another country, establishing new bonds, habits and forms of communication with the population, and experiencing its social values ​​and culture;
  • experience in natural, geographic and climatic environments that are different from those they usually experience in Brazil.

If you are part of the academic community at Bahiana, learn more about the Study Abroad Mobility Program and plan for this trip! For this, you can count on the support of the Institutional Academic Relationship and Internationalization Center – REAI, created by Bahiana to address issues related to internationalization.

REAI offers the Academic Mobility Support Service, through the communication channel Bahiana Global, which will give you important guidance if you want to have a study experience in another country.