Bahiana holds the XNUMXst Meeting of Graduates of the Physical Education course

Night was focused on the current profile of the physical education professional.


"We understand that the institutional bond with our students and former students is not broken. They will always be Bahiana". It was with these words that Professor Clarcson Plácido started the I Meeting of Graduates of the Physical Education course at Bahiana, which took place virtually on the night of September 24, with the participation of former students, students and teachers, such as the coordinator of People Development, Prof. Luiza Ribeiro, and the teachers of the Physical Education course Ciro Oliveira Queiroz, Lélia Lessa Teixeira Pinto and Paulo Rodrigo Aristides. The Meeting was part of the VI Forum on Physical Activity, Health Promotion and Quality of Life, carried out virtually, on September 25, with live broadcast, on the channel of Bahiana on Youtube.

In his speech, Clarcson Plácido, who coordinates the undergraduate course at Bahiana, also honored the patron of Education in Brazil, Professor Paulo Freire. The evening revolved around the performance of physical education professionals, starting with a speech by Professor Antônio Carlos Pereira Arruda, who addressed the profile of the contemporary professional. 

Technological innovations linked to the profession were the responsibility of the second guest speaker, Professor André Luiz Amaral Rodrigues de Almeida. And, at the end of the meeting, Professor Rodrigo Moutinho discussed digital marketing as a tool for attracting students.