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Research and Innovation

Student of the Medicine course at Bahiana is featured in a Forbes publication

Camila Verônica Souza Freire is a member of the Brazilian Group of Metascience and Evidence-Based Medicine.


Medical student Camila Verônica Souza FreireThe medical student at Bahiana and member of the Brazilian Group of Metascience and Evidence-Based Medicine, Camila Veronica Souza Freire, was featured in an article on the Forbes website, thanks to the survey "A thought experiment analyzing publication rates in the COVID-19 infodemic", developed in co-authorship with Gabriel de Araújo Grisi and João de Deus Barreto Segundo, under the guidance of Professor Dr. Luís Cláudio Correia. 

Camila explains that, in the study, a metaphor was made, comparing the information epidemic with a biological one, through mathematical analysis, equating the study to a control. "This helps us to understand the behavior of the scientific ecosystem, assessing whether there is any type of “contagion” among authors, encouraging too much publication, since the volume of publications on the subject is very emphatic", explains the student. 

"However, some evidence shows that the volume of publications also raises concerns about the methodological quality of these studies, making it difficult, in the midst of an information epidemic, for us to be able to efficiently distinguish what are relevant works", declares Camila. She spoke with Andrew Wight, also a Forbes correspondent, about issues related to women's space in the world of research. Check out the full interview at: