New from Bahiana are received by the Committee Bahiana Verde

Environmental actions were presented on the first day of face-to-face classes for the institution's undergraduate courses.


The first day of face-to-face classes for undergraduate students at Bahiana was marked by the presentation of curricular components and an environmental action promoted by the committee Bahiana Green. Medicine students were the first to learn about the education and promotion of environmental sustainability actions promoted by the institution, with a chat held this Monday morning (04/03), at Campus Cabula, with the coordinator of the Medical Center Psychopedagogical Care (NAPP), Angélica Mendes and the manager of the Bahiana Verde, professor Juliana Spínola. In the afternoon, it was the turn of students from the Biomedicine, Physical Education, Nursing and Dentistry courses. On March 8th, it was the turn of Physiotherapy and Psychology students to participate in the environmental action, on Campus Brotas.

Among the actions presented by Juliana Spínola are adherence to the free energy market, starting to consume from sources with low environmental impact (energy, wind and low-impact hydroelectric plants), the reduction in water consumption and the total suspension of the distribution of plastic cups. Students and employees are encouraged to bring their own containers to drink water. "We also propose to be more present in teaching, research and extension, through teacher training, so that environmental issues are addressed in accordance with what is being discussed about health", explains Spínola.

For medical freshman Marcus Vinícius Almeida dos Santos, the Bahiana Green is an action that all colleges should have. "At the same time, it is welcoming and meaningful to Bahiana have this initiative, especially because not every college has this type of action, and the environment is health!” Angélica Mendes points out that the action aims to encourage students to relate to the culture of social responsibility. "We are planting trees, next to the technical area and the Bahiana Green to strengthen the institution's environmental policy and make our students understand that being healthy involves relating to the environment and the health of the planet", declares the NAPP coordinator. The action concluded with the planting of a seedling Brazilwood and another made of ironwood.


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