Bahiana creates DE&I Committee - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The institution implemented several initiatives throughout 2023, with the aim of consolidating a more welcoming culture for people from minority groups.


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In line with global trends to promote a healthy and safe work environment, the Bahiana implemented, in April 2023, the DE&I Committee, advancing in the consolidation of a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. The nucleus is made up of nine members, including representatives from senior management, academic, administrative and commercial areas.

To begin activities, the DE&I Committee defined three pillars of action: ensuring accessibility for students from minority groups in all courses, consolidating a DE&I policy and establishing leadership in the education and health segments. Therefore, an expanded Diversity Census was carried out, covering the internal community (63% of active employees) and individuals and organizations impacted by the actions of the Bahiana. Among the main actions carried out in the year, the creation of the Ambulatory for Trans People stands out, an extension project that, in addition to promoting specialized assistance in the health area, ensuring the trans population, monitoring by the Unified Health System (SUS ) contributes to the student training process.

Furthermore, in the apprentice and trainee programs for minorities, three young trans people were hired to promote inclusion and encourage employability. Senior leadership's awareness and literacy on the topic of DE&I was also worked on, as well as their goals and commitments with the DE&I Policy in 2024. For next year, training for managers and employees on the topic is planned; the creation of Ethnic-Racial and LGBTQIAPN+ Affinity Groups that will aim to bring together people who share similar ideals and experiences, as well as promoting necessary changes in relation to DE&I. With these initiatives, the institution seeks to be an example in this area, inspiring other organizations to follow the same path and expand their impact on society, maintaining its commitment to tradition and innovation.