Professor Jaqueline Goes wins award from the Women for Science program

The researcher was one of seven Brazilian scientists to win a research grant worth R$50.


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The possibility of pathogens (microorganisms that cause disease) being transported from one country to another, on planes and other means of transport, by patients who do not yet know they are infected. This is the topic of research by the professor of the Biomedicine course and former student at Bahiana, Jaqueline Goes, awarded in the 18th edition of the Women for Science program, an initiative of the L'Oréal Group in Brazil, in partnership with the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and UNESCO in Brazil, which annually awards seven Brazilian women with scientific projects in different areas .

The prize, worth R$50, is intended for the development of winning research, in national institutions, over a period of 12 months. The projects cover issues in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Mathematical Sciences – categories that are judged by members of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC).


Professor Jaqueline Goes' research was awarded in the Life Sciences category and was developed after the Covid-19 pandemic. She will specifically study the route between Angola and Brazil. The idea is to open the discussion about these transmissions that occur as a result of globalization. “In addition to the possibility of becoming a great scientist, being a full professor at a university, becoming the leader of a research group and training new students, I want to open paths for other girls and women, especially those who are part of racial minorities within the academic environment. I hope to be a springboard for these women to also become great scientists!”, says Jaqueline.