Bahiana holds VIII Symposium on Psychoactive Substances in the Field of Bioethics

The event is an initiative of the Collective Health III curricular component of the Dentistry course.


Does your training qualify you to care for people who use drugs? The question was the theme of the VIII Symposium on Psychoactive Substances in the Field of Bioethics, held on the morning of November 23, via the Zoom platform. The event, which is coordinated by professors Marlene Barreto and Ricardo Araújo da Silva, takes place every semester and is an initiative of the curricular component Public Health III, of the Dentistry course, which covers students in the 7th semester, in addition to being open to all the academic community of Bahiana.

The opening lecture had as its theme "National Policy on Drugs: Contributions from the Federal Council of Psychology Psychologist Clarissa Guedes/Federal Council of Psychology" and was given by psychologist Clarissa Guedes, member of the Federal Council of Psychology. The theme "Cannabis Dentistry" was addressed by the dental surgeon, prescriber of medicinal cannabis Dr. Endy Lacet. The last speech was by psychologist Danilo Locatelli, who brought as a provocation "Reflections on the Drug Policy agenda in Brazil".

According to professor Marlene Barreto, the purpose of the symposium is to discuss contemporary issues related to the consumption and consumers of psychoactive substances, in the context of an expanded clinic. “The students who are here will find people, within the logic of care, who use these substances, whether legally or illegally. The issue is that, as this problem is supported by the issue of morality, which falls within the scope of the police, prejudice and stigma, and does not enter the logic of care in our country, it appears that we, in dentistry, are outside place when we discuss the issue of the use of psychoactive substances”, explained Marlene.