Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

VII Health Tech discusses scientific entrepreneurship at undergraduate level

The event also marked the presentation of the Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani Award.


The night of November 22nd was special for students and teachers who have entrepreneurship as a path. With almost 200 people in the Zoom virtual room, the Dean of Research, Innovation and Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Studies held the VII Health Tech. The event, which is already a tradition in Bahiana, aims to encourage the development of innovative products, services, processes and technologies in the health sector. In this sense, every year, a guest gives a lecture on scientific entrepreneurship. This time, the speech was by former student and doctor João Victor Almeida, who brought his experience as an undergraduate student to the debate. The event also marked the awarding of the Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani Prize for the best works of the XXI Scientific and Technological Journey, held during the Scientific and Cultural Exhibition, in October.

With the theme "Entrepreneurial academic journey: how to transform an idea into an innovative solution?", João Victor recounted the entire process of creation and development of the Chest Pain Score application, created during the period in which the then academic was a member of the group research registry Registry of Acute Coronary Syndromes (RESCA). The application is a Smartphone calculator that offers assistance in diagnosis and treatment in the health sector, capable of generating an accurate percentage that predicts obstructive coronary artery disease in patients with acute chest pain. It is primarily designed for emergency department physicians, and any user of this app should always consult a physician before making any medical decisions. To develop the program, João Victor worked in partnership with his former schoolmate, now programmer, Amir Gabriel.

"It is worth highlighting that it was a product built in an interdisciplinary way, the result of the integration of the health area with engineering. There is an increasing need for us to work in an integrated way. Interdisciplinarity is a fundamental point for the success of any person's career ", highlighted the dean of Research, Innovation and Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Studies, Atson Fernandes. Throughout his presentation, the former student highlighted the importance of keeping an open mind to opportunities, which was recognized by the dean of Bahiana, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani: "The opportunities are there. We need to keep our eyes open to them and have the ability to persist and not give up, having the ability to see things that we don't know, but can come to know." João Victor highlighted that the venture was possible thanks to the support of Bahiana, both in terms of legal and financial procedures, to enable the implementation of the application on digital distribution platforms.