Group of exchange students from Colombia holds workshop on Salutogenesis

Activity integrates partnership between Bahiana and Juan N. Corpas University.


The exchange of experiences between students and teachers is an important part of academic training. This premise becomes even more intensified when the exchange is carried out between groups of different nationalities. With that in mind, the Bahiana, through its Center for International Academic Relations and Internationalization (REAI), is hosting, between October 31st and November 10th, a group of students and a professor from the Medicine course at the Juan N. Corpas University (Colombia ) for various academic activities. On November 5th, Colombian professor Daniela Arango held a workshop on salutogenesis, a study that she has been developing at her institution.

According to her, salutogenesis is a concept that focuses on health and not on illnesses: “We are bringing to the Bahiana a study on salutogenesis and the construction of an asset map to understand the actions that communities take in their daily lives in terms of food, for the construction of public policies and nutritional interventions”. She says that most colleges and health courses in the world focus on illness and not health. “What we want at Corpas is to expand this vision and think more about health than illness, because health is an important object of research”, declares Daniela.

Bianca Saenz, a 7th semester student at Juan N. Corpas University, highlights hospitality as a highlight of her experience at Bahiana: “Both students, teachers and all people with administrative functions at the Bahiana they are very kind. I believe that communication between Spanish and Portuguese is very rewarding and it is worth all the resources invested in this initiative.”

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública