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Research group holds Sleep meeting Bahiana - 2023

The meeting was attended by Canadian researcher Dr. Glenn J. Landry.


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The International Center of Clinical Sleep Medicine and Research Research Group, led by the permanent professor of the Professional Master's in Health Technologies and Master's and Doctorate in Medicine and Human Health Programs at Bahiana, promoted, on October 26th, at the Campus Brotas: Sleep Bahiana - 2023, with the aim of facilitating the exchange of knowledge between researchers from the group and Canadian Dr. Glenn J. Landry, an international researcher with more than 20 years dedicated to the study of circadian rhythms in relation to sleep.

According to professor Dr. Iza Cristina Salles de Castro, leader of the research group, the idea of ​​the meeting with Dr. Glenn J. Landry arose after the group's remarkable participation in World Sleep, an international congress that took place at the end of October, in Rio de Janeiro, where 25 works were presented. “We realized that we studied common points in Sleep Medicine, that is, it works with the prevention of healthy aging and we are currently investigating the relationship between sleep disorders in the elderly and their relationship with the risk of falls”, explains the teacher.

The researcher emphasizes that activities such as Sleep Bahiana they make it possible to present outside the walls what is produced, scientifically, in the institution. “We also signed an alliance for mutual contribution in writing scientific articles, including undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers. It was a very important event for our research group. We thank Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública for the initiative and we guarantee that we will reap important fruits”, he highlights.