Bahiana welcomes students from the Colombian university Juan N. Corpas

Activity is part of the institution’s internationalization program.


Various exchanges of knowledge, whether scientific, cultural or behavioral. This is how one can understand the basis of exchange activity, which is increasingly growing in Bahiana, thanks to the promotion of interinstitutional partnerships promoted by the Center for Institutional Academic Relations and Internationalization (REAI). Within this perspective, the Bahiana has been receiving, since October 31st, a group of 11 students and a professor from the Medicine course at the Juan N. Corpas University, in Colombia. On November 1st, they participated in a meeting with the Cardiovascular Diseases research group, led by professor Ana Marice Ladeia, coordinator of the Master's and Doctorate Program in Medicine and Human Health.

On the occasion, the two groups presented their respective research, with the Colombian academics bringing the concept of Salutogenesis and the construction of a map of assets to understand the actions that communities take in their daily lives, in terms of food. In turn, Professor Ana Marice's research group presented research on the relationship between diet and cardiovascular diseases in a community in the backlands of Bahia.

Throughout the visit that continues until November 10th, visitors have been carrying out an intense program including technical visits to the Vida Plena Community Complex (CCVP), a partner of Bahiana and practice field of the Medicine course, meetings with research groups, workshops and other academic activities. "This is a very important initiative, from the point of view of internationalization, because we welcome students of another nationality to learn about what we are doing in terms of research and we get to know what they are researching. These meetings allow us to later develop common work , as we have common research themes", said Dr. Ana Marice Ladeia.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública