Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Team from the Neuromuscular Diseases Outpatient Clinic at Bahiana Saúde participates in National Meeting on Hereditary Amyloidosis

On the occasion, the group presented work and participated in debate tables.


The Neuromuscular Diseases Outpatient Clinic at Bahiana Health, coordinated by researcher and professor of Medicine Marcela Machado Costa, was present as one of the organizing entities of the National Meeting on Hereditary Amyloidosis, held on October 21st, at the Hotel Deville Prime Salvador.

The multidisciplinary team that makes up the outpatient research group was part of several tables that made up the event's program, making it possible to present work and contribute to the debate on the topic.

Hereditary Amyloidosis is a rare genetic condition in which abnormal proteins, called amyloids, accumulate in the body's tissues and organs. These proteins are deposited in a harmful way, interfering with the normal functioning of organs. Symptoms vary depending on the organs affected. They are: fatigue, weight loss, swelling, heart, kidney or gastrointestinal problems.