Bahiana She is five-time champion of VII Intermed

The event took place from October 9th to 14th in Salvador.


Intermediate Bahiana 2023

A Bahiana was the grand champion of VII Intermed, coming in 1st place in the overall competition, which took place from October 9th to 14th, with matches played at Associação Atlética Banco do Brasil (AABB), Adelba and Estação Cidadania São Marcos. With this achievement, Atlética Bahiana She is a five-time Intermed champion!

The athletes of Bahiana they won 1st place in Women's Volleyball, Men's Volleyball, Men's Basketball, Women's Futsal, Men's Futsal, Women's Handball, Jiu-Jitsu and Swimming and 2nd in Drums, Cheerleading, Chess and Women's Basketball.

"Sports events, such as Intermed, play an extremely important role in the training of healthcare professionals. They promote integration and building relationships between students from different medical schools, develop interpersonal skills, alleviate stress, promote mental health, encourage physical activity and well-being, foster a spirit of healthy competition and offer opportunities for networking and learning", declares the president of Atlética Bahiana, Leonardo Lima Santana, 7th semester Medicine student. According to him, these experiences complement academic education and better prepare students for medical practice and interdisciplinary collaboration. "Intermed is health, well-being, love!", celebrates Leonardo.

Intermed Penta Bahiana 2023