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Research and Innovation

Unprecedented surgery is performed by a master's degree student in Health Technologies

Procedure used SPY-PHY technology.


Bahiana Ronald Delgado News

The doctor and master's student of the Professional Master's in Health Technologies program, Ronald Delgado, performed yet another innovative surgery that allowed greater patient safety. On September 27, in the surgical center of Hospital Santa Izabel, Delgado used SPY-PHY, equipment that allows the visualization with fluorescence of anatomical structures using indocyanine for video or robot-assisted surgeries, with the advantage of contemplating open surgeries, making the intervention safer.

A patient with colorectal cancer who was already in the recovery process after surgery successfully performed by Delgado himself underwent the procedure.

Last month, the surgeon led another unprecedented surgery in the Northeast when he operated on a cancer patient with an innovative technique that transfers the reproductive organs to the upper part of the abdomen in order to keep them intact during radiotherapy that would affect the patient's uterus and prevent a future pregnancy. At the end of the treatment, the uterus, tubes and ovaries will be replaced in their original location. Ronald Delgado's expectation is that the physiology and anatomy of the uterus, tubes and ovaries will be preserved, thus offering an opportunity for the patient to have spontaneous pregnancies.