Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Coordinators of the Professional Master's Degree in Psychology and Health Interventions represent the Bahiana at national seminar

The event took place in Brasília and discussed the development of Postgraduate Studies in Psychology in Brazil.


Professor Monica 2

Coordinator Prof. Mônica Daltro and vice-coordinator Prof. Marilda Castelar of the Professional Master's Program in Psychology and Health Interventions, represented the Bahiana at the VIII Novos Horizontes Seminar (SNH) that took place in Brasília, on the 25th and 26th of September. The event is organized by the Representation of the Psychology Area at Capes, in partnership with the National Association for Research and Postgraduate Studies in Psychology (ANPEPP).

The meeting promoted a broad and democratic discussion on the development of postgraduate studies in psychology in Brazil, in dialogue with the representation of the Psychology area at Capes and with the Psychology Advisory Committee (CA-PSI) at CNPq. Today, ANPEPP brings together Postgraduate Programs (PPGs) in the area, in order to stimulate discussion and innovation about training for research and postgraduate studies in Psychology. The Professional Master's Degree in Psychology and Health Interventions at Bahiana is associated with ANPEPP, which currently brings together 101 postgraduate programs in all regions of the country.

Among the points discussed at the event, the "Affirmative action policies in Postgraduate Programs in Psychology: expanding access and retention" were highlighted; "Hybrid teaching, EAD and the effects of information and communication technologies on teaching and in postgraduate research in Psychology; the "Challenges for the editorship of scientific journals in Psychology in Brazil: what future do we want?"; "Sponsoring policies and evaluation criteria: research and academic production; "Professional postgraduate programs: what to do?" and "Internationalization: the future of internationalization in PPGs in Psychology".