Psychology Course holds VII Meeting of Organizational and Work Psychology of the Bahiana

The event took place on June 6, with a return to the face-to-face format.


After three years in a remote format, the Psychology course held, on June 6, the VII Meeting of Organizational and Work Psychology of the Bahiana, on the Cabula Campus. Under the coordination of professor Carolina Villa Nova Aguiar, the event had as its theme "Clinical Approaches to Work Activity: convergences, divergences and contemporary perspectives" and was attended by the course coordinator, Sylvia Barreto, the People, Luiza Ribeiro, and students from Bahiana and other higher education institutions.

"Clinical approaches to work activity: convergences, divergences and contemporary perspectives" was the theme of the web conference given by Professor Jorge Tarcísio da Rocha Falcão (UFRN). The program also featured a round table with the speeches of the internship supervisor of the Psychology course, Eliana Edington, about the experiences of the interns' fields of practice and of the occupational physician, Raíssa Almeida, about the self-care of employees at the Bahiana, mediated by Professor Myla Arouca.

"This in-person resumption is an opportunity for us all to be together again, seeing each other, feeling each other. This brings a differential. Today we come with the proposal to bring as a message that the emphasis of POT, on Bahiana, is an emphasis that is concerned with the health of the worker and, therefore, we are aligned with the institutional guidelines", declared the event coordinator, Prof. Carolina Villa Nova Aguiar. For Gustavo Carvalho, academic of the 8th semester of Psychology at Bahiana, the event provided relevant discussions for the practice of Psychology professionals. "The content linked both theoretical knowledge, such as the psychodynamics of work and the negative admission of work, as well as practical activities", highlighted Gustavo.

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