August of the Arts opens registration for members of the Student Organizing Committee

The event will integrate the various artistic expressions, in the Campi Brotas and Kabula, in the month of August.


The Psychopedagogical Attention Nucleus (NAPP) is receiving registrations from students who wish to participate in the August of the Arts Student Organizing Committee, which will take place on August 29 and 30 at Campus Brotas and 31/08 at the Cabula Campus. The activity, held annually, brings together teachers, students and guests with the aim of promoting art within the academic environment. For this, a special program is held with workshops and exhibition spaces for the various artistic languages.

Every year, Agosto das Artes proposes a diversified program with handicrafts, art workshops, photographic exhibitions, drawing and painting, musical and dance performances, as well as a gourmet catwalk with an exhibition of culinary art. Scholars and professors from all semesters and courses at the event can participate as exhibitors. Bahiana.

To participate in the Student Organizing Committee, REGISTER HERE.

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