Professor of Nursing represents the Bahiana at the XV International Symposium on HTLV in Brazil

Lecturer presented a lecture on the performance of the HTLV Center of the Bahiana Cheers.


Pit 1608 Photo 3 Aide Nunes(1)

The professor of the Nursing course and coordinator of the Nursing Extension program Cuidar Faz Bem, who works in teaching-assistance training at the HTLV Center of the Bahiana Health, Aidê Nunes, participated, from November 8 to 10, in the XV International Symposium on HTLV in Brazil in Campo Grande/MS. She represented the Bahiana and the HTLV/Neurosciences Center, presenting the lecture “Nursing Care Management of PVHTLV”.

In his presentation, Aidê Nunes highlighted the training of Nursing students from the 2nd to the 9th semester for the management of care in a multidisciplinary team; the interlocution and development of actions with the HTLVida Association, where academics live experiences to understand the importance of organized social movements and the learning of nursing care as a political and assistance action, with consultations based on the principles of the SUS.

“Talking about Nursing Care Management of PVHTLV also allowed highlighting the commitment and political and social responsibility of the HTLV Center in the person of prof. Dr. Bernardo Galvao. All together, in partnership with the HTLVida Association, we participated in Public Hearings in the Legislative Assembly, in the City Council, constituting a milestone in the fight against the negligence and invisibility of HTLV”, emphasizes the professor, emphasizing that the HTLV Center recently completed 20 years of foundation, date marked by a ceremony in which prof. Bernardo Galvão, as the founder of the unit, received a special tribute.