IX Extension Show marks second day of MCC

The meeting discussed the value of the extension activity in health education for the defense of life.



“How can extension contribute to health education involved in the defense of life?”. This was the theme of the IX Extension Exhibition, marking the second day of the 22nd Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana (MCC), held on October 21 and 22 and broadcast live on YouTube and the Zoom platform. At the opening of the exhibition, a special video of the Black Capoeira Association of Engenho Mestre Pesado (Community Amazonas de Baixo), partner of Bahiana in extension actions.

During the show, the Dean of Extension of the Bahiana, Professor Carolina Pedroza, announced the numbers of the 22nd MCC, which featured 237 works presented at the XX Scientific Initiation Journey (PIBIC) and 114 in the scientific exhibition. This year, MCC had a total of 438 subscribers, with the registration fee being partially destined to the purchase of milk for charities.

As in every year, the students who presented works participated in a raffle that awards an allowance of R$ 500,00 for participation in a scientific event, contemplating student and advisor. The students of the Psychology course Alice Helena Matos and Marcela Conceição Freitas were awarded. The program also featured workshops held via the Zoom platform.

Review the event by going to playlist on YouTube.