species mapping

species mapping


licuala grandis


Scientific name: licuala grandis

Familia: arecaceae

Origin: Oceania.

Popular names: licuala, licuala palm, liquala palm, totuma, large licuala, Japanese fan palm.

Natural occurrence: equatorial, subtropical and tropical climates.

Features: It is a small, slow-growing species of palm that hardly exceeds three meters in height. Its stipe (trunk) is single and of small diameter. It draws attention, however, for its unique leaves. They are large, round to triangular, leathery, bright green in color, pleated and with a jagged edge.

Usage: it is ornamental, being more used and known decorating well-lit indoor environments, potted, as a stunning foliage. Care must be taken to place it in very large environments, as it can easily become disproportionate to the place.

Source: https://www.jardineiro.net/plantas/palmeira-leque-licuala-grandis.html