species mapping

species mapping


Mombin spondias


Scientific name: Mombin spondias

Familia: Anacardiaceae

Origin: Brazil

popular names: cajá, cajazeira, taperebá.

Natural occurrence: in all regions of Brazil.

Features: It has a high arboreal size, reaching up to 30m in height. It has leathery, lanceolate and glossy leaves and small flowers (from 5mm to 10mm in diameter) of a whitish green. It presents fruits of the drupoid type, slightly obovoid, with about three to six centimeters in length.

Usage: It is a great source of vitamins A, B and C, also presenting fibers that increase the feeling of satiety and with few calories, being included in most diets for weight loss.

Being an acidic fruit, in general, it is not consumed naturally. It can be processed in the form of ice cream, juices, popsicles and nectars, jellies, wines, liqueurs, soft drinks, pulps and also as a caipirinha.