species mapping

species mapping


eugenia uniflora


Scientific name: eugenia uniflora

Familia: myrtaceae

Origin: Atlantic Forest, Brazil.

Popular names: cherry, cherry, cherry, cherry, pitanga-branca, among others.

Natural occurrence: from Minas Gerais to Rio Grande do Sul, in regions with a subtropical climate. However, it is very adaptable to different weather conditions.

Features: tree or shrub with a height of 6-12m, with a more or less pyramidal crown. Crooked and slightly grooved trunk, 30-50cm in diameter, with bark flaking off in irregular plates. Solitary flowers or inflorescences of white color and showy, shiny and grooved fruits. The fruits are globose, smooth, grooved and shiny berries.

Usage: It is ornamental and can be used in urban landscaping of gardens and orchards. Its fruits can be consumed raw or in the form of juice, jams, jellies and liqueurs. The wood is used to make tool handles and other agricultural instruments.

Source: https://www.portalsaofrancisco.com.br/biologia/pitangueira