Planetary Health is the theme of the XXI MCC

The event highlighted the importance of the knowledge of traditional and original peoples for the promotion of decolonial health.


With the theme "Planetary Health from the perspective of original and traditional peoples", the Bahiana held, on October 1st and 2nd, the XXI Scientific and Cultural Exhibition, with satellite events: XI Researchers Forum, VIII Extension Exhibition and XIX Scientific Initiation Journey (PIBIC). All activities were carried out virtually, with live broadcasts, on the official channel of the Bahiana on YouTube and in rooms on the Zoom platform. The opening of the event, held in the afternoon of October 1st, was coordinated by the Dean of Extension of the Bahiana, prof. Carolina Pedroza and the supervisor of the Teacher Development Center (NIDD) prof. Lígia Marques Vilas Bôas, with the presence of the dean of Bahiana, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, and the Dean of Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies Stricto Sensu, prof. Atson Fernandes.

According to Prof. Carolina Pedroza, this year's theme is relevant for promoting the concept of a cosmovision that reintegrates human beings into nature, based on the knowledge of the original peoples. According to her, the objective was to discuss planetary health from a decolonial perspective. "The importance of the worldview of traditional peoples who have wisdom. I believe that the solution to our problems lies in not only valuing the wisdom of Western science, but in seeing other ways of seeing the life that these peoples bring", declared the dean gives Bahiana in his official opening address of XXI MCC.

The table "Planetary Health from the narratives of original and traditional peoples", with the participation of Yalorixá from Ilê Axé Abassá de Ogum and director of Ìyá Àkobíode: women who transform, Jaciara Ribeiro dos Santos, and the indigenous Mbyá Guarani people, Iberê Guarani Mbyá, Ph.D. candidate in Social Anthropology, UNB, and Master in Social Sciences, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. The meeting was mediated by professors Lavínia Boaventura and Renata Roseghini, coordinator of the Center for Integrative and Complementary Practices at Bahiana (CEPICS).

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