Yellow September is the theme of the event at Bahiana Health

The meeting brought together employees from different sectors of the Campi Brotas and Kabula.


Employees from various sectors of the Bahiana Health attended a meeting to talk about suicide on the morning of September 17th. The moment included the speech of the nurse and teacher from Bahiana, member of the Suicide Prevention Study Nucleus and specialist in Mental Health, Cíntia Mesquita, who met in person with members of the sectors of the Campus of Brotas. In turn, Campus Cabula employees were also able to participate through a live broadcast, carried out by CEDETE.

Aiming to draw attention to the Yellow September, the meeting allowed the exchange of experiences lived by the participants at times in their personal lives and even during their work with users of the Bahiana Health. At the time, employees highlighted the importance of the initiative precisely because they work in a health unit.

Cíntia Mesquita highlighted, among the relevant points, the importance of not judging people's attitudes, especially those who manifest suicidal ideation. “It's important to be aware of and sensitize to each other”. She indicated that, when identifying someone with problems, they should be welcomed by listening, without being invasive. “Secondly, a support network must be identified, whether it is the family itself, friends, a religious community to which that person is connected and people who participate in that person's life,” explained the speaker. 

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