Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Youth Care Center (CAJU)



CAJU is a Community of Care for innovation and the development of light care technologies within the scope of promoting the mental health of youth in the city of Salvador.

The actions are articulated in the following methodological dimensions:

  • Mediation: promoting encounters between social subjects and diverse cultural universes, putting young people, groups, collectives, institutions and events in contact.
  • Training: to carry out courses, workshops, experiences, artistic and cultural events.
  • Attention/Assistance: qualifying and assisting demands related to the field of mental health, arising from governmental and non-governmental organizations, groups and professionals who work with youth.

CAJU's actions and projects are guided by the principles of the Psychiatric Reform and the National Humanization Policy, according to the following theoretical axes: 1) light care technologies; 2) arts and cultures (daily knowledge and oral tradition).

Some programs developed by CAJU: 

  • Schism Program (with Coletivo Rerotai)
  • Borders between everyday life program: dialogues about health, everyday life and ways of being
  • RE(VÊ)LÁ Program: photography, cinema and video