Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Candeal Program/Interprofessional Practice in Health (PIS)


The Interprofessional Practice in Health (PIS) is a curricular component that carries out extension actions of Health Education with a focus on the prevention of diseases and injuries and on health promotion, in partnership with institutions, leaders and social equipment of the Health Districts of Brotas and Cabula/Beiru, where the IES campuses are located. It benefits different audiences: elderly people, children; teenagers; families; disabled people; people who use tobacco; people with hypertension or diabetes; pregnant women and workers, in addition to other groups with emerging demands.

In the beginning, it was called the Candeal Program, due to the fact that its actions were limited to the territory of Candeal Pequeno, being mandatory for medical students and considered an extension activity for other courses. Over time, in line with the process of reformulating curriculum guidelines, especially in relation to interprofessionalism and collaborative practices, it became a mandatory curriculum component for all undergraduate courses at the institution.

Its pedagogical axes are: Humanization and Health Care, Group Processes, Health Education, Social Determinants of Health, Public Health Policies and Interprofessionality.

Linked to this component, the Redes Candeal Program is developed – an extension activity with students who have graduated from the academic curricular experience.