REAII holds a meeting with academics to present the 2020/2021 exchange programs

Programs have benefited undergraduate and graduate academics.


The Institutional Relationship and Internationalization Center (REAII) performs, in the 04th of March a meeting at Kabula Campus, at 12:30 pm, in room 108 pavilion III and in the Campus Brotas at 18 pm, in room 107, when he will present the indication of the partner Universities of the exchange programs, deadlines and clarification of doubts about the notices for 2020/2021.

Get to know some experiences
Experience new cultures, gain greater autonomy, develop skills and improve a new language. These are just some of the benefits of doing an exchange program in addition to, of course, improving knowledge in the field of studies. And it is through this experience, an initiative of the Institutional Relationship and Internationalization Center (REAII), that some undergraduate and graduate students from Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública and other partner higher education institutions have been building their professional profiles. "The importance of exchanges is not just the exchange of academic knowledge, but, above all, the opportunity for cultural exchange, because this leads that professional future to develop new perspectives of life and new skills, to see themselves challenged and, with that, to develop the skills necessary to overcome this challenge", declares the manager of REAII, Prof.ª Antonieta Araújo.

For some students, the development of skills already begins in preparation for the trip, as happened with the Psychology scholar Quézia Costa Dias, who managed, with great effort, a scholarship through the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) program to study at the Canada. "When I found out that I could apply for the ELAP scholarship, I prepared myself in the following way, which I can explain, in three keywords: persistence, resilience and dedication. So, I started to separate the necessary documents, practice my English more, write and read more about the areas I wanted to study, organize myself financially and see the criteria and needs of the college in which I would do the exchange", gives the hint.

Ana Cristina Nuñez Gonzalez, Master's student in Public Health at the University of Guadalajara - Centro Universitario do Norte (Mexico) – partner entity of Bahiana, account that the reception of the Bahiana made a difference in facing some barriers in adapting to Brazil. "THE Bahiana gave me a very personalized follow-up in everything I did there. I worked with very professional people, such as professors Mônica Daltro (Masters in Psychology), Antonieta Araújo (REAII) and Taísa Teixeira (Portuguese teacher). This support, in addition to being academic support, was an important part of my emotional health in Brazil, because in them I found friends who helped me in all aspects of my stay in Salvador and Brazil in general: what to eat, what to know etc. THE Bahiana allowed me to generate knowledge of a high disciplinary level in the research area, having such a professional team in its faculty".

professional earnings
Biomedicine student Lucas Hymer, currently in exchange at Concordia University (Canada), highlights the importance of carrying out an exchange program for his professional area. "I saw the exchange as an opportunity to take the first step to be highlighted as a biomedic. Since I joined Bahiana and I had contact with professors who lived abroad, I saw the importance of an exchange in student learning, as a professional future and as a person." He says that he always dreamed of living in Canada and that when he saw it in the public notice of Bahiana the possibility of doing the exchange at Concordia, he researched a lot about the institution: "I saw that it is one of the largest in the country, with great respect and prestige. I saw in Concordia a great opportunity to have an incredible experience with incredible professionals, and so it is being".

The gains in her career as a nurse also aroused the interest of Rafaela dos Santos Barros, a nursing student at Bahiana. "I always knew the importance of the experience of studying abroad. When I entered Bahiana and I had contacts with professors who lived through this experience, I was sure how important a moment like this was for academic, professional and personal life. I saw it as an opportunity to excel in nursing and have a curriculum with experience different from others.” Like Lucas, she is doing her exchange at Concordia University.

Even with a short exchange time, the academic emerges in professional maturity and already sees horizons for her residency. "I want to do a residency in mental health and here I am studying Social and Individual Behavior and Basic Psychology Processes, in addition to French. Subjects that put me ahead of a knowledge that is not so covered during graduation and that will make a big difference in my selection process", plans Rafaela.

Do you want to do an exchange? Search for REAII
And how to carry out this experience with the support of Bahiana? According to Antonieta Araújo, the REAII has a structuring role in the exchange process. When assisted at the REAII, with the help of the team, the student establishes the main reasons for carrying out the exchange, which areas of study they want to deepen, etc. "Most of the time, the search is more for cultural exchange and for the gains this experience will provide for your professional life. Then we search together which would be the best country within the language competence of this student. From then on, we make contact with partner institutions and we see the procedures involved in the exchange process", explains Antonieta, noting that REAII maintains this support during the entire time the student is on the trip.

The Institutional Relations and Internationalization Center is responsible for all partnerships between the Bahiana and teaching and research institutions in other countries, which not only enable academic exchanges, but also the construction of a knowledge network through joint research.

Get to know REAII, it is located in the Coordination of Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, Av. Dom João VI, 274, Brotas.

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