The Academic Departments of Undergraduate Courses welcome the demands of the students' academic life, in partnership with the Pedagogical Supervision and the Course Coordinations, being responsible for monitoring and recording the academic work resulting from the pedagogical activities.


1. Student service
Students are served at the reception desk at the secretariats, where they receive information and guidance on academic life and its processes and are guided according to the needs of each situation.

2. Service to teachers
The Secretariat is responsible for the technical support that supports the registration and monitoring of academic-pedagogical data needed by the teacher.

3. Issuance of academic documents
The Academic Department of Undergraduate Courses is responsible for issuing the academic documents requested by students through the Student Portal. The documents are issued with the institution's digital certification, ensuring their authenticity and security, which speeds up the service to students, who will receive the documents requested in their institutional emails.

Academic Secretary of Undergraduate Courses – Brotas
It attends Physiotherapy (from the 4th semester) and Medicine (from the 3rd semester) courses, in addition to the Psychology course.

Academic Secretary of Undergraduate Courses - Cabula
It attends courses in Biomedicine, Physical Education, Nursing, Dentistry, Physiotherapy (1st to 3rd semester) and Medicine (1st and 2nd semesters).

Academic Secretary of Internships and Internships – Brotas
The Academic Department of Internships and Internships meets the demands of mandatory supervised internships and internships for all undergraduate courses, being responsible for forwarding, monitoring and recording the documentation of students in internship fields.

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