Research - Visiting Research Student

Research - Visiting Research Student

International Extension Programs


Visiting Research Student

Medicine and Human Health (Master and PhD), multi-professional, Health Technologies (Master - multi-professional), Dentistry (Master), Psychology (Master).

Some characteristics:
Participation in research groups, participation in conferences and in the classes of a discipline as listeners, presentation of research (banner or oral presentation) in the annual Scientific Exhibits at Bahiana.

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- The student has to be enrolled as a graduate student in another country.
- Acceptance letter from a teacher at Bahiana as a co-advisor. To have the contacts of the researchers you may send a message to
- Intermediate or advanced level of Portuguese language.

- Bahiana School of Medicine and Public Health - Brotas Campus and Cabula Campus

Period of program:
4 months (February to May, March to June or August to November)