Freshmen, the Bahiana renews in you!

Bahiana welcomes its new students. Programming starts on July 16th.


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The beginning of the school semester is one of the most important moments for the Bahiana and that is why the School prepares a very special program to receive its new students who are welcomed, right at the beginning of their academic trajectory, with great affection by our professors, staff and veteran colleagues. It is a moment of renewal for an institution that, at the age of 60, seeks to be always up to date, in a continuous dialogue with contemporaneity. 
The Reception to the New of the Bahiana, as we affectionately call our freshmen, happens since enrollment and reaches its peak this semester, on July 16, when a meeting will be held at the Auditorium of the Convention Center of the Bahiana, at the Cabula Academic Unit, from 8 am. 
"12 years ago Bahiana is concerned with welcoming new students, providing an approximation with the people at the institution who will be part of their academic life. This moment includes a great reception on their first day of class and a program throughout the week, when they will participate in meetings and visits to the Academic Units, favoring a broad contact with the available structure", explains Angélica Mendes, Technical Manager of the Núcleo de Psychopedagogical attention, which coordinates the event.
According to Angélica, during the first week, new students will also have the opportunity to participate in discussions on topics relevant to the courses. "All this welcoming favors a better setting and adaptation of students in this new stage of their lives".
Freshmen will be welcomed by the director of Bahiana, Prof. Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, by the deputy director Dr. Ênio Ribeiro and by the coordinators of the Biomedicine courses Prof. Geraldo José Argôlo Ferraro, Nursing, Prof. Maria de Lourdes de Freitas Gomes; of Physiotherapy, Prof. Roseny Santos Ferreira; of Medicine, Prof. Marta Silva Menezes; of Dentistry, Prof. Urbino da Rocha Tunes and Psychology, Prof. Mônica Ramos Daltro.
Also present will be the coordinator of the Psychopedagogical Care Center (NAPP), Angélica Mendes, the coordinator of People Development at the Bahiana, Prof. Luiza Ribeiro, the coordinator of Postgraduate Studies, Research and Extension, Prof. Dr. Kátia Sá, in addition to Pedagogical Supervisors and Secretaries.
This year, right at the ATTENDANCE REGISTRATION, which took place on July 10th and 12th, the Bahiana launched the campaign Everyone is blind to know: hazing is never welcome which started a series of actions, aimed at raising awareness among its new students and the entire academic community about their role in society and, in this way, strengthening the idea that choosing a profession in the health area necessarily implies care and respect for the human being. Based on its Political Pedagogical Project, the Bahiana believes that this attitude must be experienced by the student from the first moment of their academic life.
At the reception on the 16th, the Novos da Bahiana they will also have the opportunity to meet Mr. Eriosvaldo França, president of the Association of Residents of Rua Amazonas de Baixo (AMAB), a community located in Cabula, which is served by Candeal Program, since 2011. The meeting will mark the launch of the action Bahiana Cidadã, another social responsibility initiative of our School that aims to integrate the academic community, through activities that promote health education and the well-being of society.

Among the activities linked to the action, there are thematic weeks of donations that can be made in the Academic Units Brotas and Cabula: Beans and Rice Week - donation of non-perishable food; Wardrobe Week - donation of clothes and shoes; Home Sweet Home Week - donation of household items and cleaning materials and the Children's Week - donation of children's clothes and shoes, books and toys. (Click here to learn more)
Donations made by students, teachers and employees during the action Bahiana citizen, will be delivered to beneficiary families, on August 30, during the Health Fair to be held in the community, an initiative of the 11th Eunísio Teixeira Health Center, with support from the Cabula Sanitary District, in partnership with Bahiana and AMAB. At the time, prevention and health education actions and integration with the community will also be carried out.
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