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VII Pedagogical Forum of Bahiana (Friday)


On November 25th and 26th, the teachers of all courses at the Bahiana were at the Cabula Academic Unit, involved in a series of activities focused on the subject of Evaluation. Examining students, the institution and themselves: how to turn this experience, often seen as unpleasant, into something useful, welcoming and productive? The formula is not easy, but it is also not impossible to review the concepts that live around the theme. the reflection Rating: is it good for you? was the proposal of the VII Pedagogical Forum of Bahiana.

Thus, the mini course Introduction to thinking maps: a new teaching-learning language and a series of workshops were held on the first day of the Forum. On Saturday, the program started with Jornal da Bahiana and the Show das Plaquetas, presented by students of the 2nd semester of Dentistry, supervised by professors Alena Peixoto and Milene Salomão. The hilarious dramatization has even been performed during the 2011.2 Formative Selection Process and features plagiarism of popular music hits such as “I'm sad, happy” and “I won't, I won't”. Congratulations to the group!

Then, teaching, learning and assessment experiences were shared by teachers of the School's seven courses through a poster session and oral presentations that were evaluated by their peers, competing for the Borboleguim de Ouro award, given during the “Singly Things Party Boas", which took place at night, in the gardens of the Coordination, with the winning teacher Cintia Pine who presented the work “Assessing at AVA: challenges and opportunities”.


Rating: is it good for you?

According to the deputy director of Bahiana and Professor of Medicine, Dr. Enio Ribeiro Maynard Barreto, the assessment “can help in several ways: reflecting on the course, the professor and the student. In short, it becomes a feedback and not simply an exam, summarized in a note”. Among the points that most helped him as a teacher, Dr. Enio highlights his participation in the mini-course Introduction to thinking maps: a new teaching-learning language. According to him, the Thinking Maps tool can help teachers in several aspects, as "it is not restricted to the evaluation of the course itself, but it is an important pedagogical tool, since the thinking map covers from knowing when evaluating, going through several stages: understanding, analysis and synthesis”.


For the Psychology professor and manager of the Psychology Service of the Teaching-Care Clinic of Bahiana (ADAB), Sylvia Barreto, discussing evaluation, as recurrent as it may be, is always very positive. "It is a very important and current topic, it is already part of the discussions and seeing it collectively was very relevant, as we were able to discuss the assessment under the eyes of each course at Bahiana"He said.


Only good things

“The good thing I see here is the pedagogical journey we have taken”, declared the director of the Bahiana Prof. Dr. Maria Luisa Soliani, initiating the Only Good Things session, in which participants toasted and celebrated personal and professional achievements achieved in 2011. Approval of the Master's in Health Technologies, by Capes; the grade 5 of the Nursing course granted by the Ministry of Education, the 30 daily accesses to the website of the Bahiana and the publication of more than 100 articles by iSaúde Bahia were some of the gifts of the day.


Graduate coordinators, professors, the coordinator of People Development, Luiza Ribeiro, the coordinator of Postgraduate Studies, Research and Extension, Kátia Sá, the technical coordinator of the Psychopedagogical Care Nucleus were present. Bahiana, Angélica Mendes and the managers of the Communication and Marketing Center, Regina Carvalho, of the Information Technology Center, Cláudio Santos and of the Educational Technologies Development Center - CEDETE, Prof. Antonio Carlos Costa.



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