Let's celebrate World Health Day

The date marks the creation of the World Health Constitution, launched on April 07, 1950.


Day April 07 it is a milestone for health around the world, because it was on that date, in 1950, that the World Health Organization published the World Health Constitution. Each year, the WHO proposes a topic to be discussed, reflected on and worked on , in order to provide a better quality of life to all peoples. This year, the topic that will be discussed is Antibiotic Resistance. Among the factors highlighted by the Organization are the inappropriate use of medicines, lack of infection control, poor quality of medicines, inefficient research, etc. 

Click here to watch the video with the director of PAHO/WHO, Mirta Roses and learn more.

To reflect
Today is World Health Day. But what is health for you? Is it not being sick? Is it enjoying physical and mental balance? In today's world, where everything is interconnected, new concepts are emerging. Has the concept of health changed?

Let's start with the dictionary. According to Houaiss, the feminine noun 'health' means "a state of dynamic balance between the organism and its environment, which maintains the structural and functional characteristics of the organism within normal limits for the particular form of life (race, gender, species) and for the particular phase of its life cycle”. Very comprehensive, but not very human - normal limits? What is normal today, in this time when we seek information, assistance, services, personalized objects? Examples of this are: family health, health of the elderly, women, men and even diversity, according to the PAHO/WHO website.

The World Health Organization says: “health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease”, which is part of the WHO Constitution. Simple but more comprehensive concept. We could even say that sadness, anguish, dissatisfaction are also symptoms of illness and, therefore, translate into poor health.

But how to achieve this proposal “fullness” in today's world, so full of conflicts, haste, excesses? Is promoting health promoting medical care? Would a more democratic and harmonious world not be the model for a healthier world?

And in relation to physical integrity, it is better to be safe than sorry. So, promoting health would not be seeking more humanization in the relationships between individuals, institutions, states, nations? Healthy world, healthy mind. Healthy mind, healthy body.

Let's celebrate this day!

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