Bahiana signs agreement with Palas Athena to promote the Culture of Peace in the institution

The event was marked by the inaugural class of the Culture of Peace and Meditative Practices course – paths to personal development and social transformation.


A Bahiana received, last Tuesday night (19/03), the co-founder of the Associação Pallas Athena, Lia Diskin. The objective is to promote mobilization and training courses aimed at a culture of peace and compassion at the School, with teachers and employees as the target audience. The event was marked by the inaugural class "Spiritual Traditions and Sciences of the Mind – in search of integral health" of the course “Culture of Peace and Meditative Practices – paths to personal development and social transformation”. Classes will take place from 27/03 to 15/05, on Wednesdays, from 19pm to 21pm, via the Zoom platform. Interested parties can register at Registration Center da Bahiana.

The meeting was attended by the dean of Bahiana, Dr. Maria Luisa Carvalho Soliani, the coordinator of Institutional Development and Social Impact Business André Soliane, the vice-rectors of Extension, professor Carolina Pedroza, and of Lato Sensu Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education, professor Maria by Lourdes de Freitas Gomes, by the dean of Research, Innovation and Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Studies, prof. Atson Souza Fernandes, as well as managers, teachers and employees of the institution.

"This agreement is extremely important because it connects two cognitive territories: a culture of peace and meditation practices. We need to cultivate a more friendly, trustworthy and healthy type of coexistence. All of us, members of a society and a time in which turmoil, The exorbitant expectations we have lead to anxiety, insomnia, excessive consumption of legal and illicit drugs, among other symptoms that are disrupting our behavior and, as a result, a culture of peace is highly compromised", declared Lia Diskin. Dr. Maria Luisa highlighted the importance of promoting a culture of peace in Bahiana. “I believe that, together, we can do very beautiful work for peace. And seeing the world as it is today, it is necessary, more than ever, to cultivate a culture of peace and compassion”, reiterated the dean of Bahiana.

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