Selective Process of Internal Transfer 2024.1 for the Medicine course of Bahiana

Check the PROSETIN 2024.1 RESIDUAL VACANCY notice for the medical course.


Registration for the Internal Transfer Selection Process RESIDUAL VACANCIES 2024.1 (PROSETIN VR 2024.1), for the Medicine course at Bahiana, will be open from 10/01 until 12/01/2024.

Registration for PROSETIN 2024.1 – RESIDUAL VACANCIES for admission to the 3rd semester of the Medicine Course will be done online, through the Strix Educação website ( and will be carried out in two stages, the first stage being – PRELIMINARY STAGE and the second stage – CONCLUSIVE STAGE.

Be sure to download and read the Announcement below:
Notice of the Selective Process of Internal Transfer - PROSETIN 2024.1 - Residual Vacancies for the Medicine course