Selection Process 2024.1 - Technologist Course in Health Informatics

Registrations open for the Selective Process for the EaD modality.


A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública opens enrollment for the selection process of the undergraduate course in EaD: Technologist in Health Informatics.

The Health Informatics course at Bahiana, the first in Brazil, was carefully structured to train, in 2 years, health professionals, information technology professionals or any other areas interested in mastering an increasingly necessary knowledge in a job market that does not stop growing .

With a team of highly qualified masters and doctors, this course from Bahiana in the distance education model, it offers the advantages of distance learning with a methodological and technological quality carefully developed by the institution to guarantee the continuous presence of teachers and facilitate learning. 

If you also believe that healthcare combined with technology is a reality that opens up a new path in your career, the Health Informatics course at Bahiana it's for you.

More information in the notice:
Notice of the EAD 2024.1 Selection Process – Health Informatics