Bahiana receives Semur LGBT+ Diversity Seal

Certification reaffirms the company’s commitment Bahiana with the Diversity Valorization Pact.


The commitment of Bahiana with the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion among its employees, students and teachers, it was recognized with the LGBT+ Diversity Seal from the Municipal Secretariat for Reparation of the Municipality of Salvador (Semur), in the Commitment category, in a ceremony held on the 4th of December, at the Mercure Hotel, in Rio Vermelho. The event was attended by the head of Semur, Ivete Sacramento, the municipal coordinator of LGBT+ Policy, Marcelo Cerqueira, and the journalist, YouTuber, singer and coordinator of Diversity for the city of São Paulo, Léo Áquilla.

The certification reaffirms the company’s commitment Bahiana with the Diversity Valorization Pact, complying with the guidelines aimed at combating discrimination against the LGBT+ population in corporate environments. This is the first time that the Bahiana is certified with the Semur LGBT+ Diversity Seal.

The seal was received by consultant Margot Azevedo. "For us, it is a great joy to represent a client that has diversity in its DNA, because Bahiana has a long history of supporting inclusion and diversity", stated Azevedo. "The certification reaffirms the exercise of good practices in Diversity, a constant effort by the institution, which also reflects the recognition of our work to combat LGBTphobia and our commitment to the promotion of LGBTQIAPN+ equity in Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública", said Allana Machado, People Development manager.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública