Bahiana holds V Symposium on Health Care with the LGBTQIAPN+ Population

The event discussed the training of health professionals in terms of gender, sexuality and bioethics.


Opening the LGBTQIAPN+ pride month, celebrated in June, the Bahiana promoted, on June 1st, the V Symposium on Health Care with the LGBTQIAPN+ Population, in remote format, with transmission through the Zoom platform. With the theme "Does your training enable you to take care of individuals in their particularities?", the event, which is coordinated by professors Marlene Barreto and Ricardo Araújo da Silva, takes place annually and is an initiative of the curricular component Saúde Coletiva III, of the course of Dentistry, which covers 7th semester students, in addition to being open to the entire academic community.

“Our challenge is to discuss topics that are mainstreaming our content, that is, not only to discuss care for the LGBTQIAPN+ population, but also to discuss bioethics and the use of psychoactive substances. , of stigmas and stereotypes, which promotes distancing from people who need health care", pointed out Marlene Barreto about the theme chosen for the symposium. "It's a question we always ask: if our training enables us to take care of all people", asked the teacher.

The program had the participation of guest speakers, professors, students and alumni. "Integral Health of Transgender, Transvestite and Non-Binary People" was the theme of the opening lecture given by the coordinator of the Transsexualizing Ambulatory (HUPES/UFBA) and endocrinologist of the Multidisciplinary Ambulatory for Transvestites and Transsexuals (CEDAP/SESAB), Luciana M. Barros Oliveira . The event also featured the speeches of the newly graduated in Medicine from Bahiana and educator at the Conceição Macêdo Beneficent Institution (IBCM) Nicholas Ponso, on gender and sexuality, in addition to lectures by the two coordinators on dental care for the trans population and issues related to bioethics.